Are you considering adoption to make your family?

Starting your adoption journey can be confusing, emotional and overwhelming.
Should you adopt internationally or domestically, what are the requirements, what is
the cost?  Should you do a public agency adoption or adopt independently?  What is a
home study and what is an open adoption?

These are just some of the questions that Adoption Information Center can answer to
help you make an informed decision.  Having been there themselves, this
organization of adoptive parents realized the overwhelming need for a neutral source
of no-cost comprehensive adoption information.


"The Adoption Information Center is committed to providing comprehensive adoption
information and services to all interested individuals and families.  Adoption Information Center
aims to facilitate awareness to those interested in adoption opportunities, to educate the public
about adoption issues and resources, to counter misinformation regarding adoption, to raise
positive awareness of the need to reduce adoption barriers and increase the number of
adoptive families.

The Adoption Information Center advocates for timely permanent placement in lifelong families.
Adoption Information Center's goal is to unite loving parents with a special child and to make
the dream of having a family a reality."
Adoption information center